The book Instrument Flight Procedures

PANS-OPS and PBN operations for Instrument Rating and ATPL.

The book Instrument Flight Procedures'Instrument Flight Procedures - PANS OPS and PBN for Instrument Rating and ATPL' will give you an understanding of the design criteria as laid down in ICAO Doc. 8168 PANS-OPS. It will give you guidance on how to fly the procedures in accordance with the assumptions in PANS-OPS.

A major section of the book is dedicated to Performance Based Navigation - PBN - with thorough explanations of all operational aspects of flying RNAV- and FMS-based procedures, including navigation database issues.

The book explains ICAO Doc. 9613 PBN Manual. It meets the European EASA syllabus for PANS-OPS, GNSS and PBN for the Instrument Rating and ATPL, but the text has global relevance.

The book includes examples of conventional and PBN approach procedures, explaining their design, the charts, the associated database coding and how to fly them.
Helicopter Point-in-Space procedures are also covered.
The book is richly illustrated.

Cozytown with Jensfield Airport.


The book has examples of conventional and PBN instrument flight procedures in and out of Jensfield. The mountainous sorroundings determine minima and climb gradients for the approaches and departures.

The book is published by Pilotforlaget, Norway, and can be ordered here (new window).

For orders in Norway, the book can be ordered here

PBN is a very dynamic area, and I will summarize some developments as they evolve under the tab New devlopments in PBN.


It's a wonderful book: very precise with all the necessary information, but at the same time enjoyable and not bulky at all. This text is easy to understand and direct, without all the nonsense usually found in books written without a practical and pragmatic approach.

ATPL student (Italy)

I have found the book clear and concise, and an excellent reference for the design parameters for procedures. It is a pleasure to read. It is the most compact set of instructions available for anyone wishing to understand instrument flight procedures and their design. I will use it often to ensure my understanding and analysis of approach or departure accidents is accurate.

David Learmount
Renowned aviation safety expert

What an amazing piece of work, indeed a very handy book.The text is clear and understandable, the associated graphics are of good quality, aviation people think in pictures and the graphics do compliment the text very well. An amazingly good book for me to have and I will surely use it every day in my line of work.

Stephen Alberts
Senior Standards Officer IFP
CASA (Australia)