Current projects

AURINKO is currently working with Norwegian Air Ambulance to develop PBN procedures for HEMS operation in Norway and Denmark. HEMS is Helicopter Emergency Medical Services.

Photo: Norwegian Air AmbulanceWe introduced Point-in-Space approach procedures in 2006 as the first in Europe, and some 70 PinS departure and approach procedures are currently in use. In addition, an extensive network of transitions have been developed to connect the helipads.

The beauty of this project is that it is a double win. Firstly, the flight from departure to destination is carried out IMC at safe altitude. This is an immense safety improvement since it is replacing VMC flight at low altitude. Many helicopter accidents happen during low level VMC flight with dubious visual references. Secondly, since many missions can now be carried out that would previously have been cancelled due to weather, the probability of bringing the patient to the hospital is now much higher. We have many documented cases where critically ill patients saved the life because of this new operational concept.

The procedures are designed by our partner Aeronautical Services And Procedures, ASAP, Slovakia.

The PinS procedures are designed in accordance with ICAO Doc 8168 PANS-OPS, using the navigation specifications RNP APCH and RNP 0.3.